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Terry Fox Day

Br Marsha Brick

It is nice to have a holiday named after someone who was so selfless. He started his Marathon of Hope after losing his leg to cancer. He did

raised money for cancer research and also made people aware that he could still help even with having his leg amputated. I do remember this marathon and how sad it felt when it had to end early due to the fact the cancer had returned.

There is an annual Terry Fox Run to raise funds

for cancer research. His Marathon of Hope continues. I am a proud Canadian who supports Terry Fox and believes anyone can make a difference. There have been others who have done similar events, which is great as it brings information

to the public of what else is out there needing support.

This weekend makes think of my parents and their motorhome. They would take my make siblings, when

were little, grab the dog and load the motorhome and go to Grand Forks for Crazy's Days (which is like Black Friday). This is where my mother would pick up clothes and school supplies as the prices were crazy. I did go once and after what happened at Kmart with the towels – never again.

What happen with the towels? We were a family of seven, so at least five of us would have a shower or bath everyday - 10 towels and 5 facecloth a day. Kmart had a deal on towels from 50 cent to 1 to 3 dollars a towel. So, my mother had all five of us hold towels as other people were trying to take them from us. She must have purchased over 50 towels that day. I never experienced anything like until 30 years later at a Black Friday Sale at

Walmart in Fargo.

With this being a long weekend and wanting to see our family and friends.

Please remember to practice social distancing and to STAY SAFE.



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