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By Marsha Brick

Fun at the new store! I have been arriving early most mornings so that I can go to the gym. Monday

morning, I stepped out of the shower and heard strange beeping noises. It was the fire alarm. I quickly dressed, grabbed my purse, jacket, cell phone and Gigi, my little white dog who loves coming to work with me. We went into the hall and down the stairs. There I ran into some lovely ladies who informed me that there was no fire, just some kind of steam that got into the system and

set off the fire alarm. Of course, Gigi ran over to make friends with them. We spoke for few minutes

until more people came and stated the fire department had just arrived. Assured it was nothing, we went back to our apartments. What I have discovered here at the new store location, is that

the people in this building are so friendly. It is a pleasure to come into work. Everyone always says hello or gives you a smile; we really do have friendly Manitoba here. There are many dogs in this building with great sweaters and jackets and most of them also have booties; I think I am going to have to get Gigi and my other fur baby Harper some booties.

Harper does come to work sometimes. She usually sleeps in my daughter room and they both

stay up late so she opts to stay in bed in the morning and sleep. I have tried to call her down in the morning to come with me but she just stays in bed. Unlike her sister Gigi, she runs down every morning wanting to come to work and is disappointed when she cannot come.

Finally, March is here and spring is coming. I hope. Just a reminder, that I am taking special order for the Weiman Furniture Cream; which is great on all surfaces - even kitchen cupboards. This product has a sunscreen which helps the wood from fading. So just phone or send me an email and let know how many 8 oz. bottles you need.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick's Fine Furniture

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