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By Marsha Brick

I received a phone call on Monday telling me that Marie had passed away. This lovely and caring person Marie is married to Teddy from Art’s Upholstery. We all had the pleasure of getting to know the two of them when my parents purchased the building on Lombard in 1976.

After my parents moved into their new Lombard location, Teddy and Marie treated us like family,

including all of our dogs which learned real fast to go and visit them daily as they kept treats and also had fresh bread for them every morning. When my parents were first in the building, Lisa and

Stuart were very young and they would go wander throughout; Marie and Teddy would see them

and show them how to do stuff in the upholstery shop. Lisa fondly remembers them showing her how to use the button machine.

Even after they left to go to another location, they were always there to help out if there was something that needed fixing, Teddy made sure it got done. One of the most interesting stories about Teddy and Marie was after they had the fire at their location on Cumberland. Both my parents called them separately inviting them to come back to the building on Lombard and not worry about the rent for six months; that’s how important they were and still are to our family.

I was aware that Marie was sick, however it was still a shock to my system and my siblings to hear

of her passing as they played an important role in helping my family. Both in the early days right up to about three years ago when Teddy retired and could no longer go on service calls, they were always there for us.

And I’d like to acknowledge that Marie’s family including her daughter and granddaughters consistently provided care and love which let Marie and Teddy stay in their home. It doesn’t surprise me that Teddy and Marie raised such wonderful and caring offspring. We will miss you Marie.

And as Marie, the businesswoman would encourage me to say, even in this memorable letter, I am still taking orders for the Weiman furniture cream. It will be coming in mid April please call or email.



Marsha Brick owns

Marsha Brick’s Fine Furniture

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