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Wonderful Holidaying!!

Week two of my holiday is finished and now I am on my way to see my aunt Sharon. She is so happy I am coming and I am happy to be seeing her as well. To my delight and surprise I hear that she has tickets for us to see Tony Orlando preform; I remember him from when I was younger with his hit Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree.

I also remember watching him with the singer Dawn on his variety show from the mid 70’s. Aunt Sharon loves to shop and plans on taking me around to furniture stores and other interesting places. I am looking forward to this as she had her own store for years - Sharon’s Linen and Gifts.

She can take me places where I can get some great ideas for the new store. My aunt and I have been close all my life and she has many stories about her and my mother growing up. I heard a few when my mother was sick and she would talk to my mother about the things they did as children. With my mom gone, I enjoy hearing these stories as it brings back good memories for my aunt and shows me another side of my mother.

Aunt Sharon has called me a couple of times to find out what I would want in the house to eat for breakfast and snacks. I found it quite touching as all I wanted was her company. I have been checking in at work; and was told the place is almost ready and should be done by the time I get back. I am so fortunate to have such a great friend willing to help out. On my way home I will be stopping in Toronto for a couple of days to check out what Barrymore and Brentwood Classics have coming out in February. I am looking to purchase a couple more pieces for the store with the new fabrics that I will be seeing. While in Toronto I am also visiting family; my cousins on my father side and my aunt Geri.

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